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More Salt in Your Tears

  • More Salt in Your Tears
  • More Salt in Your Tears

Raqs Media Collective

Text sculpture

Raqs Media Collective's textual sculpture for the Baltic Sea reminds us of the taste of our tears and the strange pull of large water bodies. If global warning goes unchecked, someday, the Baltic Sea may become more saline, and its unique ecosystem will have all but died. But until that happens, there is more salt in our tears. With this work, the Raqs Media Collective hope that it stays that way.

While the collective visited Turku Archipelago in the Autumn 2010 their attention was drawn to the low salinity of the Baltic Sea. The marine biologists confirmed their doubts: the Baltic is not actually a sea at all but brackish water, like a large river estuary. This is where its problems and fragility as an ecosystem largely stem from.

'More Salt In Your Tears' can be encountered floating like a mirror of the sea's thoughts, along a busy sea fare route between Galtby (Korpo island) and Houtskär. It is visible from private boats, ferries, the boat to Kökar (Åland Islands), and the cruise ships to Stockholm.