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  • Dear Markus

Alfredo Jaar

Public Intervention

In Spring 2010 Alfredo Jaar made a research trip to Finland. One early morning in the mist and silence of the archipelago he waited for a boat to take him on the four-hour journey back from Utö, the furthest of the islands where he was staying. Jaar wondered why the near-empty boat was leaving at 5.45am. He asked the captain and was deeply touched by his answer: a boy living on a small island along this route has to get to school on the main island.

This story became the starting point for Jaar's work, which consists of a series of bill boards that spread across the islands on the route to Utö from Pärnäs as well as a book that is available on the boat Eivor. A number of Finnish thinkers have contributed to the project, including Antti Nylén, Akuliina Saarikoski, Esko Valtaoja and Kjell Westö.