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Glass Meadow

  • Glass Meadow
  • Glass Meadow

Pia Rousku

Environmental art work made of recycled glass

The artist Pia Rousku produces for the exhibition an extensive environmental artwork on a farmed field by her home in Korpo during the summer. Discarded old windows get a new life in the installation where they form a glistening web that captures the precarious nature of the balance between humans and the land.

The crop on the field will grow among and through the artwork, which reflects the changes in the surrounding nature, light and colours throughout the summer months. "The fragility of glass echoes the vulnerability of earth", the artist describes her inspiration. Glass as a simultaneously natural yet manmade material requires respect and care, like the environment.

The work by Rousku can be found in the village of Retais on the island of Korpo, by Hotel Nestor.