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Hold me - let me go

Hold me - let me go

Anna Nyreen

Ceramic installation / public intervention

Anna Nyreen, an artist living on the island of Nagu, brings conceptual and socially engaged thought into dialogue with the materiality and tactility of ceramics. For the CAA exhibition she continues an ongoing project of hers, which investigates the embodied nature of the encounters with ceramic objects. She has previously encouraged people to touch and to hold the objects. Now she is particularly interested in the questions of the collective, public sphere and the urgency of care. Nyreen has chosen to create unexpected encounters on bus stops, the mundane sites of momentary pause and waiting, along the Archipelago Road. The theme of departure runs through her public intervention.

The installation by Nyreen can be found by chance in unspecified locations across the islands of Korpo and Nagu. Nyreen also contributes to the work of Elin Wikström at the Archipelago Centre Korpoström.