CAA - Contemporary Art Archipelago



Renja Leino

Audiovisual installation and sound work

Renja Leino, an artist based on the island of Korpo as well as in Turku, makes tangible in her sound and moving image work the constant presence and significance of sea wind in the archipelago environment. Leino’s new work consists of a collection of stories from the islanders about their experiences of the wind. The stories flow smoothly between and across two languages, Swedish and Finnish, just like the daily life in the archipelago.

Natural phenomena, the changes in the weather and the climate, have a heightened affect on the everyday of the islanders compared to the urban communities. One of the stories Leino has recorded was by an elderly couple living in the outer archipelago: For decades they had collected driftwood washed to the shores of their near-barren island, and never had to buy firewood until last summer, when for the first time not enough of wood was to be found. Have the winds changed, they wonder.

The audiovisual installation is presented in Utö lighthouse. The sound work can also be listened to on the radio frequency 95.9Mhz as one enters the archipelago on the first ferry, connecting Pargas with Nagu, and on the surrounding area.