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Blowing in the Wind

  • Blowing in the Wind
  • Blowing in the Wind

Sussi Henrikson

Public sculpture and exhibition

Wind power raises heated debates in the archipelago due to the area’s sensitive environment and deeply valued natural landscape. Would traditional wooden windmills, dotted across the islands, suit this landscape better than modern wind farms looming large in the horizon?

Artist Sussi Henrikson, who lives in Turku Archipelago, takes part in the discussion about the aesthetics of wind power by producing her own interpretation of a windmill that follows the forms associated with archipelago romanticism. She also offers islanders and visitors alike an opportunity to create their own ideal windmill models in her gallery on the island of Nagu. She aims to spark discussion not only about the pros and cons of wind power but also on the highly charged aesthetical values of the archipelago.

The sculpture can be found by the Archipelago Road close to the Nagu village and the Gallery Lanterna 15.7.-28.8.2011.