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Platforma 9.81

Maps and postcards

Dinko Peračić and Miranda Veljačić from Platforma 9.81 have researched the rapid changes marked by global capital and tourism during the past decade on the Croatian coast. Their work offers critical yet humourous insights into the cultural and ecological differences and the potential futures of the archipelagos of Turku and Croatia.

Croatian islands have come into the Archipelago sea as guests. They have transformed existing natural conditions and the ways people orientate and navigate. The nautical map Guests: Archipelago Sea Visited shows a modified landscape after the foreign objects have been introduced. It talks about views, ideas and models that are being imported and transplanted from somewhere else and adopted to the local environment. It makes us think about what do we take from the global world and how do we plant it in our own neighbourhood.

Take a closer look at the notions on Landscape Modifications in this reworked map of the Turku Archipelago. Check what has happened to the places and routes that you are familiar with.

The work will be presented on the island of Seili. It is discussed in closer detail in the symposium Archipelago Logic.