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Endless Dreams and Water Between

Endless Dreams and Water Between

Renée Green

Short films

Renée Green is known for her films and installations that address issues such as migration and its affects on subjects in the cross-cultural encounters. In Turku archipelago Green continues her research into the myriad desires projected over the oceans and onto islands. In the new work she brings together these isles with other distant ones through memories, fictive narrative and documentary footage. The film shot during the summer of 2010 and winter 2011 in the archipelago weaves connections from Utö and Seili across the open sea that has always oriented the islanders out towards the wider world.

An earlier film by Green, Endless Dreams and Water Between, will be shown in Utö during the whole of the summer, while her new work will be presented at the Archipelago Centre Korpoström in August-September.