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Mat med vyer (Foodscape)

Mat med vyer (Foodscape)

Arja Lehtimäki

Environmental art project

Environmental artist and architect Arja Lehtimäki based in Helsinki studies in her new work the entwinement of ecology, economics and aesthetics in the archipelago. How do our diet and daily choices shape the landscape?

Lehtimäki's artwork addresses locally produced food. Her work was inspired by the growing concern and confusion about the fishing industry and the local fish stocks. The artist asks us, why are traditional fish stocks disappearing and others increasing explosively. Why are we not eating the fish that there is plenty of but making the situation worse by eating farmed fish? And why is organic farming still so rare although other methods are to blame for much of the nutrient overload, which is causing problems both under and above the surface? Whilst the seas are turning green with algae, many of the traditional farm landscapes on the islands are in desperate need of grazing farm animals. Industrialised meat production is not only a threat to our health but to the landscape, biodiversity and cultural heritage of the archipelago.

Lehtimäki works in collaboration with a number of restaurants on the islands. This summer contemporary art may even come to you on a plate.