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Sussi Henrikson

Lives and works in Nagu

Sussi Henrikson is a contemporary artist and ceramist. She is known, in particular, for her work as the "Regional Artist" in Turku, where she had an active role in developing the activities in the field of visual arts. She was also a member of the artist collective Salong 3, whose important feminist performances and conceptual art works were seen in numerous exhibitions in Finland and the other Nordic countries during the late 80's and early 90's.

Henrikson moved back to her roots in the Turku archipelago and has in the recent years focused most of all in developing her highly individual Lanterna gallery, artist studio and residency, hotel and restaurant, which she has described as an ongoing performance in itself. Lanterna has had a notable role in the transformation of Nagu into a lively and hugely popular cultural and tourist destination in the archipelago.

Blowing in the Wind