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Kari Caven

(b. 1954) Lives and works in Helsinki and on the island of Korpo.

Kari Cavén is one of the most respected Finnish contemporary sculptors of his generation. Cavén is well known particularly for his use of found and recycled materials in his work. His sculptures capture with humour and warmth both the absurdities and the universally shared yet subjectively deeply felt experiences of the everyday. The play with shifting significations on the thresholds between word and image is also characteristic for his practice.

Cavén has taken part in e.g. the biennales of Sao Paolo (1987) and Venice (1988, 1990, 1995), and has had numerous exhibitions in museums and galleries both in Finland and internationally. His works are included in the major art collections in Finland and, in particular, in Sweden. Cavén has also realised many public art works in the Nordic countries. Alongside his own practice he is recognised as a teacher, e.g. at the Aalto University’s architectural school in Helsinki.