CAA - Contemporary Art Archipelago

Renja Leino

(b. 1958) lives and works in the island of Korpo and in Turku

Renja Leino is well respected in the field of Finnish photography, both as an artist and a teacher. She has herself studied and previously worked in e.g. Stockholm and Helsinki. Leino has been one of the central figures in the development of the photography course in Turku Art Academy, which has produced a number of internationally recognized young artists in the recent years. She has also been, amongst others, paving the way in Finland with her innovative use of mobile phone cameras in her practice. Alongside photography and video work, she has also made light installations.

Leino has had exhibitions in many Finnish museums, such as the Museum of Photography in Helsinki, as well as in e.g. the UK and the Nordic countries. Her work is included in the most important Finnish collections. In public space Leino has shown, for example, huge yet intimate portraits of people absorbed in watching computer screen (Absent Minds, 2009-10). Recently she has been interested, in particular, in the digital age and its phenomena, the negotiation of the boundaries between private and public, as well as the complex presence of photography in the everyday and the ethical questions entwined with it.

Currently Leino is focusing on the state of the Archipelago Sea and its changes. In CAA she works with personal narratives and the weather phenomena, in particular the wind. She will exhibit alongside CAA this summer a large new work made of reflectors by a central bridge in Turku as part of Fluxaura exhibition of environmental art. Her work is also included in the exhibition Water at the Wäinö Aaltonen museum in Turku.