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Arja Lehtimäki

(b. 1975) lives and works in Helsinki Finland.

Arja Lehtimäki works internationally as an urban designer, architect and artist. Her work has been awarded both in Finland and in the UK. Lehtimäki has a special interest in landscape and land art. Her art works are mainly site-specific installations and sculptures, while in design and architectural projects she has focused in particular on public space.

The different areas of Lehtimäki's practice form thus a large interconnected field. Her background as an urban designer can be seen in her approach to space as a medium and her intuitive understanding of the multilayered nature of places as well as sensitivity to different cultural contexts which form an essential base for her work. In her art works she has previously focused on, amongst others, the shared passion for tango and its considerable cultural differences in Argentina and Finland., as well as on the largely immaterial yet symbolically and politically charged territorial displacements at play in a site such as the Finnish Embassy in London.

Lehtimäki's work is driven by an aspiration for sustainability and ecological balance. This is evident in her new art work for CAA exhibition, where she collaborates with local restaurants and producers on a project that brings literally art to its audience on a plate. The project draws out the complex entwinement of the archipelago landscape and its future with the food we choose to eat -- local fish, sheep that graze the outer islands during the summer months, organic grains etc.

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Mat med vyer (Foodscape)