CAA - Contemporary Art Archipelago


CAA is more than an exhibition. It has been built slowly during the past few years. The artists have done numerous research visits to and worked on the islands. In addition to the dialogue with local artists, other islanders and institutions, many public events have been organised such as discussions, artist talks etc.

The public programme continues during the exhibition this summer. The audience can join in on guided tours and talks as well as various workshops locally. CAA arranges also one more open seminar at the Archipelago Centre Korpoström with a focus on the aesthetics and ethics so crucial to this sensitive environment and addressed by many of the artists in the exhibition. The symposium Archipelago Logic: Towards a Sustainable Future offers a platform for academic interdisciplinary debate at Åbo Akademi University.

The audience can thus take part in all the stages of the exhibition project while a solid base is built for the continuity of initiated discussions and artistic activities beyond the summer months and the exhibition period.


ecology, economy, (aesth)etics

Contemporary Art Archipelago (CAA) arranges a series of discussions that bring into dialogue critical perspectives of contemporary art, science and the everyday. The discussions address key questions concerning the future of the archipelago environment and community.

(aesth)ethics: encounters with nature

Fri 5.8.2011 at 10am - 4pm Archipelago Centre Korpoström

May the freedom associated with islands be a trap? What is landscape friendly food? How to take care of nature at home and underwater? Contemporary art does not merely picture or capture the landscape. The discussion focuses on the art works in CAA exhibition that open up novel views into the archipelago environment and our relationship with it.

Lecture series

Site-Specific Contemporary Art & the Archipelago

The series of lectures focused on site-specific contemporary art and Turku archipelago: How does contemporary art allow for different perspectives and encounters in the site that it examines and is located in? The lectures brought together artists, who presented their own practice as well as introduced key questions concerning environmental and land art, community and socially engaged art practices, site-specificity and artistic research. Two sessions were dedicated to cross-disciplinary dialogue on topics related to the archipelago region and artistic practice.

Organised by CAA in collaboration with Baltic Sea Region Studies and Art History (Turku University), Turku Art Academy. Lectures were in English.