CAA - Contemporary Art Archipelago

Contemporary Art Archipelago (CAA) exhibition consists of over 20 new site-specific art works and events realised in the Turku archipelago by international and local artists during the Summer 2011, between 18th June and 30th September.

Contemporary Art Archipelago (CAA)

Contemporary Art Archipelago, an exhibition across the isles can be encountered from the cruise ships and small boats, along the roads and virtually, on a remote islet, in the sea, on the airwaves, on the ferries or even in a private home.

The theme is the archipelago and its future as a unique yet changing environment and mode of life. The context of the Baltic Sea is strongly present, yet CAA reflects the specificities of Turku archipelago also against other similar environments and global changes. The artists examine, amongst others, alternative island lifestyles and livelihoods, transformations in ecological and cultural diversity, as well as desires projected onto islands and across the sea. The art works take the form of, for example, an island’s own mobile network, an alternative map on a ferry, personal stories on the changing climate, cinematic sci-fi visions of the archipelago, underwater gardening or a frail meadow of glass.

More than an exhibition, CAA is built on artistic research, collaboration with local inhabitants and institutions, and many public events. The audience can join in on guided tours and talks as well as various workshops locally. The symposium Archipelago Logic: Towards a Sustainable Future offers a platform for academic interdisciplinary debate at Åbo Akademi University. The audience can thus take part in all the stages of the exhibition project while a solid base is built for the continuity of initiated discussions and artistic activities.